Joe is an amazing lawyer and person. He's come beside me through one of the worst times in my life and basically held my hand and ran interference for me. I cannot explain how much he has helped me, and what a difference he's made in mine and my family's lives. This will forever be a dark time to look back on, but Joe has been a shining light to us.


So far so good with mr. blandford of course I just hired him but he listens to the entire facts, has called back to answer further questions, and has told me the process and facts so far. I'll update my rating when all is said and done!


He was really cool on the phone, easy to talk to, and very understanding of my situation with the courts. He showed up for me, and took care of something that has weighed on my mind for 3+ years. This man's service is worth every penny.

AJ Simon

Joe met with my wife and I. He was courteous and asked excellent questions that we had not thought about. I would recommend him for estate planning. He knows his stuff.

Justin May

He has been there for me on multiple occasions. Great lawyer. Great advice.

Jenny Holly

Great lawyer who cares.

Melanie Hunt